• Sammy Burrous | Devils Club | Juneau, AK

    Irene is a singularly talented artist,songwriter, and performer. I was lucky enough to spot her gift right away, and was able to help realize her debut effort "Victory". She embodies natural talent, with a presence that keeps your attention. She is one of the finest talents I have seen. Her genuine warmth and personable touch really come through in her songwriting (which is mature beyond her years) and leaves you wanting to know more about this wonderful new artist. Irene Muller IS Alaska.


    Sammy Burrous of Devils Club

    Juneau, AK

  • Matthew Hubbard | Filmmaker | Juneau, AK

    I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Irene Muller for a documentary I'm filming in Juneau, Alaska. I've worked with many celebrities all over the country, Irene is extremely pleasant and easy to work with. Easy on the eyes as well. Not only is she beautiful, but when she sings it's as if you have stepped back into time.
    Matthew Hubbard
    Snobound Productions
    Juneau, AK


  • Review | C. Scott Fry | The Alaskan Bar | Juneau, AK

    Irene's music is a reflection of growing up surrounded by the music of our community. Her lyrics warm and refreshing and sometimes witty .It is always a pleasure to have her grace the stage at The Alaskan whether it be w/ a backing band or solo . She is the heartbeat of young female singer/songwriters with a lot to share, whether it's about being from small town, relationships, or coming of age. She has a lot to say! So look out!


    C.Scott Fry

    The Alaskan Hotel & Bar