Irene is a singer, songwriter, workshop teacher, and activist currently based out of Seattle, WA. 

Returning to the music scene after a couple of years' maternity hiatus, Irene is beginning production work on her sophomore album. She released her first full-length album of original work, VICTORY, in September 2013. It's available for sale here as well as on iTunes, Bandcamp.com, CDBaby.com, and Amazon.

Irene is primarily a solo performer and/or spontaneous collaborator. In the past, Irene co-founded the Juneau, Alaska-based group Soft Old Day, sang with Alaska-based blues bandDevil's Club, and has featured with or opened for numerous singer/songwriters, folk, and roots groups across the country.

Irene is available to play everything from concert halls to coffee houses, weddings and birthdays, celebrations of life, receptions, business functions, private parties, bars and restaurants, farms, fields, sidewalks, and pretty much any ole place in the PNW and beyond. Booking contact and social media info available below:

BOOKING: irenem.music@gmail.com.